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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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farmer's market. we're live in oakland with mere on what they heard and what police say happened. >> reporter: vendors were just getting set up whan they saw police surround the car near the 76 gas station and watched as officers broke windows, used projectiles and eventually shot the man inside. we also learned the car he was in was involve in a burglary in san francisco, only hours earlier. the bmw was first discovered by firefighters around 7:30 this morning. it was parked along the lake shore offramp of highway 580. >> the person in the car was unresponsive but next to the person was a pistol. >> reporter: a loaded pistol seen in these pictures. police were called and tried for more than an hour to first wake the driver up, then get him to come out. this happened just up the street from the grand lake farmer's mark. a vendor took the cell phone video. >> they were telling him to get out of his car with the megaphone, and he didn't and
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then we heard them hitting the door with something. and then a few minutes later there were two shots and i guess they shot him. >> the chief says they broke the car windows and tried nobody lethal force to make contact. >> upon the last attempt to do that officers approached the car, the person at that point was awake. a confrontation ensued with the officers and the person. one officer deployed a taser. a second officer deployed the firearm. >> this is the first deadly opd shooting in two years. investigators are reviewing video from body cameras worn by officers. it's unclear if the driver ever picked up his weapon. the incident it triggering a mix of emotions. >> it's shocking. >> i'm sick and tired of police murdering people. >> police are planning extra patrols tonight in case of protests. the officer involved has been placed on leave. in oakland abc7 news. >> san francisco police are looking for a stabbing suspect
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tonight. officers say the man stabbed the victim in the head around 730 this morning in the tenderloin. the suspect ran off. no word on the victim's condition. new at 6:00, police have arrested a san jose bouncer for killing a club customer. 28-year-old jose rodas is charged with involuntary manslaughter in march police say the victim, daniel escobar, got into an argument with roda who was working as a bouncer. offers say rodas punched escobar, knocking him to the ground. escobar's friends took him to the hospital where he died. >> a rollover crash in contra costa croak killed two people. a pickup truck turned over this more than in the city of byron. this is a picture of the scene published on east county one of the injured is a child. the chp and sheriff's office is
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investigating. abc7 news was in emeryville as emergency crews responded to a deadly crash. it happened around 9:00 this morning at 40th and san pablo. police say the woman driving was killed when her car hit a building at high speed. she was the only person in the car and police are investigating whether there was a medical emergency. >> new at 6:00, tri-athlete's cross-country trip takes an unfortunate turn. the bicycles he need for escape from alcatraz have been stolen. the equipment worth $20,000. sergio quintana is live in san francisco with who has come to the man's aid. >> reporter: chad and his wife woke up this morning to go on a practice swim. when they walked out of the hotel they noticed their motorcycle parked inside this breezeway was there but in the two bicycles were gone. now, this is a picture of his motorcycle with the unique rig and his two bikes worth $20,000. he shot this picture after
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arriving in san francisco, after his 3,000-mile ride from south carolina. and this is what he and his wife found this morning, a motorcycle with no bikes. someone cut a security cable and two padlocks that were securing them to his motorcycle. this happened within a few feet from securing and valet booth at the hotel. chad tells me he had no idea san francisco had such a problem with bike theft. otherwise he wouldn't have left them outside locked to his motorcycle. >> early thursday morning, i asked, and oh we have no problems here. we'll park you right here. the valet guys are there the lobby, you can see where we're at. no issues at all. and i felt really comfortable. >> he was denoted by it's bit i think, and i told him that no we can't not do the race because we don't have bikes. we'll figure something out. >> reporter: in fact when we
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talked with. the this afternoon they were reef fitting their shoes to fit bikes someone will lend them during the race. during the checkin the announcer for the trying agent long announced what happened and someone donated bikes. the hotel tell -- is forwarding their videotape to the police department and are hoping someone will find the bikes. >> thousands of californians face critical water shortages because their wells have run dry during the drought. now a bill headed to the state senate could help get water flowing again. that bill has already passed the assembly. it would provide up to ten million dollars in low in loans for home owners with dry wells. some could use the money to dig deeper wells. others could use it to connect their homes to local water systems. >> who knows how long we'll have
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water so i rather hook up to the city. >> the bill's awe that are please $10 million to pay for hooking up 1,000 homes to local city water systems. >> caltrain riders have to take buses to get in and out ofsen francisco this weekend because track work has forced caltrain to close the tracks between downtown san francisco and the bay shore station on the san francisco brisbane border. shuttle buses will stop. trains are running their usual schedules between san jose and bay shore. still ahead at 6:00, environmentalist sound the alarm at the site of a recent oil spill. they say the oil companies may be putting the cast coast at risk again. >> a weekend billing boom. who came together to make these affordable homes a reality for east bay families. >> i'm drew tuma. the clouds are filling back in this evening. a live look from the emeryville camera showing you cooler
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conditions. as we see temperatures this afternoon were in the 80s. tomorrow, we're talking about 90s in some spots. we're excited to let you now our abc7 news news app is available for the apple watch. you can great breaking news real-time news updates and personalized alerts right on your wrist.
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environmentists say a plan to keep oil moving up and down the coast will put an area already damaged by an oil spill at risk again. the plan will move oil by truck through the same area where a pipeline burst off the santa barbara county coast. exxon and other companies are trying to keep their product flowing but nobody knows when the pipe will be fixed. the plan to move the oil and tanker trucks amounts to 13 been truck trips a week. the environmental defense center says the companies should wait. >> this is a temporary shutdown we think the safest thing to do is just to wait until the pipeline is fixed because trucking will only exacerbate the problems. >> the county is set to make a decision as early as next week. the oil spill covered nearly ten
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square miles. coming up next at 6:00, getting ready for game two. the bay area music legend who has been chosen to perform the national anthem at oracle arena tomorrow night. >> we had our 12th triple crown winner in history as american pharaoh is the first horse since affirmed in 1978 to do just that in
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we are less than 24 hours away from game two of the nba finals and bay area music icon will perform the national anthem tomorrow. the nba announces today that legendary guitarist carlos santana will perform the star spangled banner. his career began in the bay area and his wife is a drummer from ohio. we are celebrating the warriors and the best fans in basketball. during the nan finals we'll share your fan photos and choose an abc7 fan of the day. today the honor goes to glenn. glenn took over half court force this moment. the two got got engaged at a
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warriors game in april. abc7 is the only place to catch the nba finals. game two in oakland tomorrow at 5:00. games three and four are tuesday tuesday in thursday in cleveland, and if we need game five it will be back in oakland. tomorrow on abc7 world news tonight will air at 3:30. at 4:00, abc7 news team will be live from oracle arena with cubs on 7 the toyota pregame showing, and at 4:30 abc7 is the only place to see the warriors. our special edition of after the game will follow game two. at 9:30 you have jimmy kimmel live, game night and then scandal and then abc7 news at 11:00. volunteers from faith-based groups join habitat for humanity in a east bay building blitz. we were in martinez as
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volunteers took part. an anonymous donor has given $150,000 to bring habitat together with people of different religions to build affordable homes for working families. for one volunteer it is the chance of a lifetime. >> our own house. so exciting. it's like a dream come true. for us. my kids are really happy. >> habitat for humanity says the volunteers will accomplish in a single day what takes a construction crew a month. 20 homes are being built and seven of them will be framed during the four-day event. the total cost of the muir ridge development is $7 million. we want to send i over to meteorologist drew tuma. a check of the forecast specifically at oracle arena tomorrow? >> going to look golden. sunshine. with the sunshine on sunday we are tracking a big-time warmup. the ac inland, going to get a workout tomorrow. live doppler 7hd will show you the immediate bay area is rain-free. just off to the east we see a
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couple showers popping up around sacramento but no wet weather for us. they'll stay there for the time being. we'll take you outside live. the mt. tam cam showing you once again the marine layer pushing back cooler conditions at the coast and the base is cooling if. currently 61 in oakland, 59, san francisco. contrast an -- antioch where there's sunshine. satellite and radar showing you low pressure to the west -- east, bringing the showers along the sierra. that's going to push off to the east. going get replaced by this big boy right here. a dome of heat is moving east the next 48 hours and temperatures are off to the races. the heat builds inland, fair feel livermore, 90s. the bay in the 60s and 70s. watch how temperatures jump on monday going into monday
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afternoon, triple digits are possible. clear lake 90s. santa rosa, 90. petaluma upper 80s. so overnight lows tonight clouded are building back in temperatures will drop into the mid-and-low 60s around the bay, and then tomorrow morning, we ref escape from alcatraz, the bay waters are chilly at 53-degrees so when swimmers dive in we'll have a west wind to contend with. by 9:00, clouds linger at 58. by 11:00, partly sunny, and a temperature around 62. tomorrow afternoon more in the way of sunshine around the bay as high pressure builds in. taking a look at highs across the region on sunday. the wide range along the coast. 64 half moon bay. 67, san francisco, 0 farfield 92 antioch oakland 73. so if you are headed to oracle
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game two of the nba finals tomorrow by 2:00 as fans move in before the game mild sunshine, temperature of 71. golden sunshine as the game is underway at 5:00 temperature of 9. 8:00 as the game wraps up and fans get out not too bad. high clouds and a temperature of 61. by 11:00, cool breeze and a temperature of 60. a quick look at hurricane blanca a category 3 storm moving northwest. hurricane watches are out for cabo san lucas. showing you 100 unexplained tuesday, shu is all worried about what cleveland will bring as the warriors are away for game three. going to get humid and hot in cleveland, upper 80s so i hope he is used to that this time of the year. >> going to get used to it. thank you. >> sure. >> what say you, shu. >> i say, thank you, drew. have to unpack tomorrow.
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we haven't had a triple crown winner for 37 years. today the running of the belmont stakes american pharaoh became the 12th horse to snag the hat truck of racing. here's the call. >> the 37 year wait is over. american pharaoh is final hill the one. american pharaoh has won the triple crown! >> american pharaoh led from start to finish, winning by five and a half lengths. a item of 2:26. the 12th triple crown winner in the sport of horse racing. >> very emotional. thinking about my parents. i wish they were alive to see this. and i was hoping it would happen. didn't know how it would feel. now i know. everybody asked me bob you have won everything. he said he hasn't won the triple crown. >> warriors and cavs tuning found are game two of the nba finals sunday, holding practice today. big story is cavs guard kyrie
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irving out with a busted kneecap so look for matthew dellavedova to take over. plays with reckless abandon. the rest of the team needs to step up for king james. >> lebron was working and we needed every bucket of his and everyone else needs to help out as well, but we had a chance to win at the en. >> play the say became. i play aggressive. going to run the same offense and no matter who is guarding me nothing about the way our play changes. >> giants end a five-game slide yesterday in philly and with mad bum on the deal, make that two straight. rain delayed the game 29 minutes. maddison bumgarner is dominant in any weather. 11 strikeouts gave up five runs six hits next fourth, ran into trouble, bases loaded for
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jeff francoeur, see ya. grand slam, the six-run lead down to two, but mad bum helps his own cause. improves to 7-2 giants win the second straight, 75 the final. >> dennis eckersley at the game in boston. bull pen can use him. handily ramirez takes chavez deep to center field. boston up 2-0. top three billy burns off the national league scoreboard, eric sewing gar scores. rbi triple for burns. a's down 2-1. bottom three mike napoli, singles to left center. david ortiz will score and the red sox win their second straight over the a's 4-2. >> french open williams final serena williams looking for her 20th singles title. she battled the flu. not 100%. couldn't tell. first said,.
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perfect place emt on the return. serena wins the french open, 20th major singles championship and 35th major title. i men's september nyes, novak djokovic and andy murray resuming play after raining out on friday. murray takes the fourth set. that goes long. stays alive but the number one seed pulled through in the fifth. ace. to win the match. >> pga tour, rough day for tiger, goes from bunker to bunker on the eight inch. gets worse on 18. tee shot landses in the pond tiger tries to approach the green, ball comes rolling back. second approach. comes up short. in the trap. finished with a quadruple bogey on 18. dead last with his worst round ever on tour at 85.
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justin rose, birdie on 14 the three-stroke lead. 15-under. this sports recording brought you by bank of the west. tiger could beat me right now. >> what's wrong with him. >> trying out a new swing and just not working for him. >> stick with what you know. thank you. next at 6:00, education inspiration. a california grandmother shares her motor vacation for getti grass fed? mhmm. i'm super into health. bottled tap water? well all bottled water is the same right? you need crystal geyser alpine spring water. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source.
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crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. da da da. join us tonight at kofy 2620. a look at the san francisco zoo's new exhibit. here on channel 7. he was part of the 1975 warriors championship team off to the court. he shares most memorable moments tonight at 11:00. >> a southern california woman is proving you're never too old to good to college. the 99-year-old graduated from the college of the canyon. the school's oldest graduate ever. she lived through the great depression, world war ii and the civil rights movement. she says her grandchildren have been working on their masters and she was inspired.
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see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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